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Greenway Saddlery

Tack Shop Dressing Riders & Their Horses Since 1982

Our Products For The Rider

Tall Riding Boots

Field Boot

Tall Dress & Field  Boots 

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men.

Priced from $89.95 to $950.00

Brands in stock

*Ariat    *Tredstep    *Cavallo

*Tuff Rider   *Horze    *Royal Higness

Paddock Boots

Paddock Boot

Zip & Lace Styles

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men

$39.95 to $159.95

Brands in Stock:

*Ariat   *Ovation   *Tuff Rider    *Horze

Half Chaps

Half Chaps
Rear Zip & Side Zip Styles
Sizes for Adults & Kids
$41.95 to $149.95
Brands in stock:
*Ariat   *Hunt

Side Zip and Rear Zip Styles

Sizes for Adults and Kids

$49.95 to $149.95

Brands in Stock:

*Ariat   *Huntley   *Horze    *Shires

*Royal Highness

Riding Helmets


Lightweight Vented Schooling Helmets

Competition Helmets

Wide-Brim, Sun-Safe Helmets

Sizes for Adults & Kids

$59.95 to $395.00

Brands in stock:

*Charles Owen   *One K Defender

*International   *Ovation

*Trauma Void   *Tipperary

Riding Apparel Tights & Breeches

Riding Apparel
Riding Breeches & Tights


Pull On Tights & Boot Cuts

Front Zip Knee Patch Show Breeches

Front Zip Full Seat Show Breeches

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men

$59.95 to $225.00

Brands in Stock:

*Tailored Sportsman     *Romfh

*Vertigo     *Horze     *Kerrits

*R.J. Classics     *Cavallo  *Ovation   *Tredstep


Zip-Front Riding Shirts

Sun-Safe, Zip-Front Shirt

Sun-Safe, SPF, Vented, Zip Front Shirts for Every-day riding.

Sizes for Ladies & Kids

$49.95 to $79.95

Brands in Stock:

*Kastel    *Romfh     *Kerrits Ice Fil

*Tailored Sportsman Ice Fil


Show Shirts

Choker Collar Show Shirt

Choker Collar Shirts  & Dressage Show Shirts.

Long or Short Sleeve Styles.

Ladies & Girls Sizes

$49.95 to $179.95

Brands in-stock:

*Ariat   *Horze    *Shires    *Romfh

 *Tailored Sportsman

*Essex    *Kerrits  

  *George Morris

*Miku   *R.J. Classics

Show Jackets

Show Jacket


Show Jackets & Shadbelly Tail Coats

Traditional Tailored Washable Styles

Stretch Styles,  & Stretch Mesh Vented Styles.  

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men

$109.00 to $489.00

Brands in Stock:

*Pikeur   *Vertigo 

 *R.J. Classics

*Allesandra Albanese   *Kerrits


Safety Vests

Protective Vest

Padded Body Protector Safety Vests.

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men

Flexible Eventer Styles 

ASTM Ceritified Styles

$145.00 to $349.00

Brands in Stock:


*Intec     *Ovation 

Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves for Everyday or Showing.

Sizes for Ladies, Kids, & Men

$18.95 to $51.95

Brands we Stock:

*Roeckl    *Uvex    *Heritage

Whips and Bats

Whips   Bats   Crops

Short Crops & Bats 

Long Dressage Whips

Lunge Whips

$9.95 to $51.95

Brands we stock:

*Fleck/Germany    *Vertigo

*Horze  *Equi-Star  *Jacks


English Spurs

Traditional Hunter Spurs

Dressage Spurs

Black Spurs, Roller Spurs

Straps in Leather & Synthetic

$19.95 to $74.95

Brands we stock:

*Sprenger/Germany   * *Coronet

*Ovation    *Stubben


Equestrian Belt

Equestrian Riding Belts

Sizes for Ladies & Kids

$24.95 to $139.00

Brands in Stock:

*Tailored Sportsman

*Tory Leather  *Ovation

*Equine Couture   *Ariat

 *Daisy Kids

Helmet Visors

Helmet Visor

Stay Sun-Safe with Helmet Visors that attach to any Riding Helmet

$39.95 to $79.95

Brands we stock:  

*Equivisor   *Soless

Riding Socks

Equestrian Socks

Equestrian Knee-High Socks.

Thin Stretch Lycra & Coolmax

Sizes for Ladies & Kids

$7.95 to $10.00

Brands we stock:

*Zocks   *Kerrits  *Equine Couture

*Tuff Rider

Our Products For the Horse



Hunter/Jumper/Eventing /Dressage

Saddles in-stock.  Try Before You Buy Policy.  

Sizes from 14" Kids to 18 1/2 Adults

Prices from $670.00 to $2700.00

Brands we Stock:

*Pessoa  *Toulouse   *Ovation

*Henri De Rival  

Hunter/Jumper Bridles

Hunter Bridle

Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridles

Figure 8 and Flash Jumper Bridles

Sizes for Pony, Cob, Full, & Warmblood.

Priced from $95.00 to $450.00

Brands We Stock:

*Huntley   *Pessoa   *Passier   *Bobbys

*KL Select   *Toulouse   *Avignon

*Horze   *Kavalkade  *Black Oak

Dressage Bridles

Dressage Bridle

Dressage Snaffle Bridles

Dressage Double Bridles

Sizes for Cob, Full, & Warmbloods

Priced from $99.95 to $399.95

Brands we stock:

*Passier   *Kavalkade   * KL Select

*Bobbys   *Horze 

 *Black Oak


Saddle Pads/Theraputic Pads

Saddle Pad

Shaped Hunter Pad

Square Quilted Dressage/Jump Pads

Competition Pads

Theraputic 1/2 Pads   

$19.95 to $179.95

Brands we stock:

*Fleeceworks     *Toklat

*Back on Track   *Ovation

*Horze   *Tuff Rider   *Roma



Leather Hunter Girths

Dressage Girths-Leathe r& Synthetic

Neoprene no-slip Girths

Jumper Stud Guard Girths

$44.95 to $206.95

Brands we stock:

*Avignon   *Bobbys   *Horze

*Kavalkade   *Collegiate

*Henri De Rival

Stirrup Irons

Stirrup Iron

Traditional Fillis Irons

Composite Wide Tread Stirrups

Flexible safety Stirrups

Childs Breakaway Safety Stirrups

$34.95 to $250.95

Brands we stock:

*Sprenger   *Shires   *Centaur

Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers

Brown & Black

Sizes for Kids 48"

Petite Adults 51"

Adult Jump 54"

Adult Jump Long 59"

Adult Dressage 60" to 63"

$66.95 to $137.95

Brands we stock:   

*Passier   *Toulouse   *Avignon

*Henri De Rival  *RHC

Martingales/Training Aids/Tack

Training Aids

Hunter Standing Martinales

Running Martingales

German Martingales


Side Reins     Lunge Surcingles

Draw Reins        Lunge Lines

Reins - Laced, Dressage Stops, * Rubber Grip.

Brands we stock:

*Pessoa     *Bobbys     *Avignon

*Kavalkade     *Ovation     *Camelot


Snaffle      Pelham    Kimberwick
Dressage Curb     Bradoon

Snaffles - Dee, Loose Ring, Full Cheeks.

Pelhams              Kimberwicks

Dressage Double Curb & Bradoons

Gag Snaffles

$29.95 to $310.95

Brands we stock:

*Sprenger    *Myler    *Stubben

*Centaur   *Crown    *Happy Mouth

Leather Halters


Black, Brown, or Havana Colors

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Horse, Warmblood

$79.95 to $228.95

Brands we stock:

*Walsh    *Intrepid    *Tory  

*Henri De Rival  

Protective Horse Boots- Polo Bandages - Stable Bandages

Protective Horse Boot

Open Front Jumper Boots

Dressage Brushing Boots

Cross County Eventing Boots

Bell Boots      Ankle Boots

Polo Bandages       Stable Bandages

Leg Wraps

Brands we stock:

*Majyk Equipe    *Professional Choice

*Horze   *Back on Track   *Toklat *Woof Wear



Horse Blankets & Sheets

Horse Blankets & Sheets

Stable Sheets - Breathable Nylon, Cotton, or Baker Plaid.

Winter Blankets - Breathable Quilted Mid-Weight.

Coolers & Dress Sheets

Sizes 68 to 86

$86/95 tp $179.95

Btands we stock:

*Baker   *Big D    *Kensington