Konig Favorit Dressage Boot


The Konig Favorit Dressage Boot is an elegantly crafted boot ready to wear off the rack!  The Favorite Dressage Boot offers the same stiffness as the K7000 with the soft inside window, 7cm Extra Spanish Cut, inside front zipper with snap top, and ribbed sole.  The Favorit Dressage Boot Features:

  • K7000 Stiffness with Soft Inside Window
  • High Spanish Cut Topline
  • Ribbed Sole
  • Inside Front Zipper
  • Gussets
Sizes listed as:
The measurements on this chart are for the Height / Calf.  The height is measured on the outside to the top of the Spanish cuff.  Please do all measuring in centimeters.  There is a 7 cm difference between the inside and outside heights, and 3cm between the back and the outside heights.  The calf measurement is theinside measurement of the boot.  Please note the top is 2cm smaller than the calf.

Calfskin leather boots with zipper. Stiff outer calf, supple inner calf for better leg contact.


german size 4.5 = usa 7

german size 5.5 = usa 8

german size 6 = usa 8.5

german size 6.5 = usa 9

german size 7 = usa 9.5