Harmohn Kraft Aramas Fancy Mildly Square Raised Bridle with reins


The Aramas line has been completely redesigned by Raj Mohan bringing luxury and comfort for the horse and rider. From using the finest full grain English vegetable tanned bridle leather, to best hardware that is mostly produced in house, to the finest details like hand rubbed edges and precise fine hand stitching. Once you touch the Aramas line you will see what over a centuries worth of work has evolved into.


The Stockholm is a fancy stitched mildly square raised bridle with 1" inch wide noseband. The innovative padded crown piece blends both the benefits of a single crown while maintaining the flexibility of being able to be used with  traditional cavesons from other bridles.  The billet strap, that the caveson buckles onto, runs over the poll nestled in a channel so that it maintains the low profile desired from single crown bridles but can be removed so the channel can accomodate the poll strap of a traditional caveson.   This bridles caveson is made to used with Aramas's special crown or with Single/Mono crowpieces and it not compatible with traditional crown bridles.